For Buyers

New Year, New Ownership

Kentucky Business Broker has always focused on documented, profitable businesses and win-win transactions for buyer and seller. These are the only deals that will close. The days of easy money for bad deals are long gone, and brokers who depended on these deals will find it hard to stay in business.

Today’s transaction will be between a seller who receives a fair price, and a buyer who can truly be successful going forward. Now is the time to buy.

Interest rates are only going up from here. Buy now at today’s low rates for a profitable future!

Interest rates are low, but with the government wildly printing money, they will be going up. Lock in a price and interest rate on a profitable business now, and build it over the next 5 years. Your hard work, and the overall improvement in the economy will help you earn back your investment quickly.

KBB can introduce you to business owners of profitable businesses that you can use to build your future. Give us a call today! (270) 991-7934