About Us

We utilize the internet and our network to match buyers and sellers

Kentucky Business Broker is taking business brokering to the highest level.

Created by the need of business owners to have an exit strategy, Kentucky Business Broker’s success comes from matching buyer and seller in a WIN-WIN relationship.

The seller seeks a fair market value and the buyer looks for a clear, definable growth strategy over and above the current value.

The seller might not be willing to reinvest back into the business due to retirement, while the new business owner is committing to the entity for the future prospects.

We get paid when the seller gets paid. Due to our commitment to excellence, we only take on worthwhile projects. Be assured that we will give you an honest assessment of your business.

Picture an established business that has been profitable for many, many years.

The business owners have put in their time and are ready to buy that RV and drive down the path to their retirement dreams.

If the owner hasn’t “groomed” their successor, how do they find a possible suitor to allow them to exit their responsibilities so they can drive away into the sunset?

Kentucky Business Broker has a list of business buyers, venture capitalists, and private equity firms waiting in the wings to take a look at the books of profitable businesses.