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Kentucky Business Broker's current listings

The following listings are not only on our website, but are listed on numerous other sites and are viewed by 100's, possibly 1000's of other brokers that are part of a nationwide network.

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To become a listing of KENTUCKY BUSINESS BROKER, the business must have a CLEAR, DEFINABLE GROWTH OPPORTUNITY or an extremely solid business plan with cashflow to prove the model works. An ideal scenario is a longtime business owner who is more concerned with retirement than with making more money. The current owner isn't interested in putting more money into the business, they are ready to take money OUT of the business with an exit strategy. The new owner can inject capital for new equipment, expansion, or marketing that will lead to a definite growth in the current business. The buyer purchases based on current value, injects some capital or elbow grease, and then receives a premium for the injection.

The 3 types of listings you will see on Kentucky Business Broker are as follows:

1) Businesses with over $1 million in cash flow. These businesses gain the attention of private equity firms and KBB has a very long list of private equity firms that look at every deal over $1 million in positive cashflow.

2) Cash flow positive businesses with less than $ 1 million in cashflow. These businesses have a CLEAR, DEFINABLE GROWTH OPPORTUNITY. Once again, buyers for these types of businesses are plentiful.

3) Negatively cash flowing businesses. KBB only takes these types of listings if there is a definite opportunity to adjust the business. These sometimes come from business partner splits, divorces, medical conditions, etc..

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